Recipe: Roasted Tomato Soup

Up until 2009, I never liked tomatoes. I liked ketchup, and I liked tomato-based sauces, but never the fruits themselves.

But tastebuds change, and I’ve loved tomatoes for nearly three solid years now. In addition to eating them regularly, two tomato products that I’ve also incorporated into my diet are bloody marys and tomato soup. As for the latter, there is not much better than homemade varietals of it.

Back in California, I made soup from scratch regularly. Now, I can’t remember what recipe I always used, so I simply found one close to it, on Love Food Eat. The only modification I ended up making here was nixing the inclusion of corn, which is all well and fine, I’m sure, but the idea of corn in my soup sounds weird. It’s supposed to make it creamier though, so maybe I’ll try it another time.

As for the ingredients, Plum Tomatoes are always good for making soup, but you can choose whatever kind you have on hand. I also had a bunch of Cherry Roma Tomatoes on hand, so I threw them in the mix to spice things up.


-Cut up 6-12 tomatoes (depending on the amount of soup you want to make) and arrange them on a baking pan.

-Drizzle a few tablespoons olive oil on top of the tomatoes. Sprinkle them with the desired amount of salt and thyme (other spices can also be substituted, if you’re going for a different flavour).

-Roast the tomatoes at 350 F (~175 C) for 30 minutes, or until they’re soft and browned.

-Puree the tomatoes using a blender or food processor.

-Meanwhile, heat olive oil and pressed garlic in the bottom of a pot. When they’re slightly cooked on the edges, add the puree to the pot.

-Bring the mixture to a boil and let simmer until you’re ready to eat. If the soup isn’t sweet enough, consider adding a slight amount of honey or agave nectarAdd garnish (I used fresh thym) and serve.