Recipe: Carrot Gnocchi

I’ve been following UNO Cookbook because the recipes on the site are fairly unique and interesting, but not until now have I attempted one on my own. In this instance, I opted to try out carrot gnocchi, for two reasons. The first is that, while I am fairly neutral about pasta in general, I love gnocchi specifically. The second is that, in contrast to many of the other recipes, all the ingredients were things which I had on hand.

Now, a few modifications. I made the celery and lemon sauce, but upon tasting it, opted to use it for something else, because I didn’t care for it with the gnocchi. Also, because of the fact that I actually had more carrots than the recipe called for, I doubled it. And finally, due to the necessity of conversion, I learned that the average carrot is 2.5 ounces.


-Peel and steam 10 ounces of carrots (roughly 4-5 carrots).

-Mash up the carrots and mix them with a bit of salt and 270 grams flour until it forms a thick doughThen let it sit.

-Roll out pieces of dough into long sticks on a cutting board.

-Cut the pieces into the desired size of gnocchi, and either roll them into balls, or use a fork to make a lined pattern on them.

-Set the gnocchi pieces on a floured tray.

-Add the gnocchi to boiling water and remove it when it begins to float. If you don’t want to eat it right away, storing it in tupperware or zip-lock bags and freezing it also works great.

-Pour sauce on top (I opted for vegetarian bolognese) and eat!